Why Mediation?

Mediation puts the decision in the hands of the participants and away from the courts.  In Texas, courts defer to agreements made by the parties, taking away a lot of the stress, cost and risk involved in litigation.  Many disputes naturally lend themselves to resolution through mediation. 

The cost of mediation is substantially less than litigation. Here is a cost comparison.

* Additional fees may apply in certain circumstances.

Types of Disputes That Can Be Successfully Handled Through Mediation
Family Conflicts, including Divorce and Child Custody Agreements

Family Conflicts, particularly those relating to a divorce involving young children, can be both financially and emotionally draining.  When the parties work together to resolve these issues, it can result in a win-win, especially for the children.  Many courts will not hear divorce cases until the parties have attempted to resolve the issues through mediation. 

Choose your mediator now and get through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible so the healing can begin.  

Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation helps seniors and their adult children resolve conflicts regarding healthcare, living and financial situations.  Some of the common areas of assistance involve the following:

Living situations including:

  • Residence decisions

  • Driving and transportation

  • Care management

  • Grief and loss issues


Financial issues including:

  • Estate and funeral planning

  • Funeral planning

  • Retirement and veterans benefits

  • Property distribution

  • Bills and taxes

  • Insurance and Medicare


Health and medical issues including:

  • Alzheimer's, Dementia and general competency

  • Chronic diseases

Employee Disputes (Lawsuit or Internal Grievance)

Employee disputes can take up a large amount of company or agency time and resources.  Often, the in-house settlement of a dispute is unsuccessful because the parties do not believe the person assisting with resolution of the dispute is truly impartial.  Whether handling a lawsuit or internal grievance, increase the chance of successful resolution by choosing an outside mediator to assist you with the dispute. 

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